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a resource for creative teams telling stories through dance and fitness.

All movement is good.

We believe all genres of movement—including dance, yoga, and power-walking—and all types of bodies moving through space, can be choreographed or directed to tell powerful stories.

We want to see dance and fitness presented authentically, and are committed to diversifying the bodies and movement styles represented in the commercial world.
In service of this vision, we merge our dance and fitness expertise with production experience across print, video, audio, and live events. Utilizing a vast network of professional yet commercially-unknown talent, we support and develop movement-based stories at any point in production.

Matchmaking is at the core of everything we do. We are building bridges between fine art and commercial worlds in order to bring working culture makers and diverse talent forward.

Once the right movement talent is matched to your campaign, our production and editorial services continue to bring authenticity and expertise to projects using video, audio, digital and print media, and live events.


  • We support or subvert traditional hiring practices for choreographers and movement directors, and casting for dancers and fitness talent
  • Our boutique consulting service relies on decades of industry expertise—not open calls or algorithms
  • We are creating organic branded editorial content based on artists’ personal stories and unique movement styles

Candice Thompson, Co-Founder

  • Danced with the Milwaukee Ballet Company for five seasons
  • Writes about dance and fitness for numerous publications
  • Once made 100 leotards for a store in Japan
  • Received her MFA from Columbia University
  • Has a daughter named Mars
  • Is moving into her second decade as a movement coach and fitness educator
  • Miscellaneous skills include, but are not limited to: tortilla making, editing, shipping and handling most anything, sewing, drinking pour-over coffee, connecting dots and people

Lara Wilson, Co-Founder

  • Graduate of the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program in NYC
  • Creates dances for the stage, screen, and sand
  • Choreographed 1000 bodies in a migration down the Laguna coast as part of the Shoreline Project
  • Frequently works with brands on creative projects
  • Co-owns Compound YV, an art space in California’s high desert
  • Co-parents a Yorkie mix named Milton
  • Concluded a residency at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in 2019
  • Miscellaneous skills include, but are not limited to: making pour-over coffee, graphic design, collaboration, improvisation, eating tortillas, listening

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