Dance can take us on a powerful and emotional journey. Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable using movement in your next creative campaign.

We’re a boutique consultancy offering a spectrum of casting and production services to brands, agencies, and producers aimed at diversifying the bodies and movement styles used in commercial projects. We hail from the worlds of classical and concert dance, bringing our years of expertise and vast network of international talent to bear in helping you tell authentic stories with movement.

Each month, we’ll send an update of what’s happening in our world.


  • Micaela Taylor in the new Local Natives’ video, “Tap Dancer. I have been following Taylor’s career for a few years and even named her one of Dance magazine’s “25 to Watch” this year. Her choreography and unique performance style effortlessly fuse modern dance and hip hop styles for maximum impact. But don’t take it solely from me, according to Rolling Stone, the song:

“…is an emotional ballad that now has an equally emotive music video. The video, filmed in one shot, was directed by Jonathan Chu and features buzzy choreographer and dancer Micaela Taylor. In the clip, Taylor, clad in a red dress, matches the lyrics and sober musical tones of the track in her animated movements.”

  • Exit 12: Moved By War. A recent installment of Square’s “For Every Dream” series features New York choreographer and former Marine, Roman Baca. This docu-short succinctly shows how dance can be utilized to tell difficult stories and heal communities riven with trauma and violence. Oh, and it won the Jury prize at SXSW this year.
  • Jessamyn Stanley for Brita. I recently attended a workshop with Stanley at a yoga studio in Atlanta and her presence at the front of the room turned out a full house that was more diverse than any yoga class I have ever seen, expanding it beyond the stereotypical crowd of thin white women, and bringing out people of all abilities, sizes, and races.


  • “Bobbi Jene” on Netflix. After a decade dancing for Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Bobbi returns to the States to strike out on her own as a choreographer. On her, dance is many things: therapy, metaphor, and love language. Filmmaker Elvira Lind depicts her as the singular presence she is.
  • Nicholas Palmquist’s combinations. The popular jazz instructor’s Instagram sparkles with commercial viability, in part because his dances are so musical and uplifting, and in part because he is so damn cute doing them.
  • This NOWNESS video featuring M.J. Harper. I went to school with M.J. in New York and watched his career take him from London to Berlin, where his androgynous form and articulate movement style lend themselves perfectly to crossover between dance and fashion. It was only a matter of time before the British designer and NOWNESS presenter Grace Wales Bonner scooped him up.