One of the unsung hero capabilities of dance, is its power to surprise. Sure, it is beautiful, fun, heartbreaking and silly, and all of those traits make for great storytelling. Yet I remain compelled and grateful for when it sneaks up on me and reminds me of how essential movement is to our well-being and our connection to the world. Though it seems the more jarring break-into-song-and-dance mode never tires, what I am really re-discovering in my selects this week are the moments when movement and moving bodies appear in an unfamiliar place and are essential to it, rather than a mere juxtaposition. And when this magic happens in the commercial world, it can turn what might otherwise be an anecdote into a fully fleshed-out narrative.


  • Air Pods. With dramatic bodies as big as the architecture they drape, how could you not want to hear what these dancers are listening to?
  • Levi’s “Dangerous Liaisons.” A reminder that history is not boring or static, and that dressing and undressing is a choreography central to us all.



  • William Forsythe’s ‘A Quiet Evening of Dance.’ Last month, Hudson Yards’ The Shed was anointed with the master choreographer’s approach to deconstruction and ballet, environment and musicality. After a 20-year hiatus, Mr. Forsythe apparently has a renewed love of the classical form, acknowledged through his work, ‘Seventeen/Twenty One,’ a physical description of dance through the centuries.

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