1. All movement is good.

We believe all genres of movement—including dance, yoga, and power-walking—and all types of bodies moving through space can be choreographed or directed to tell powerful stories.

2. Bodies tell empowering stories.

We believe our histories and experiences are embedded in our physicality. Excavating nonverbal stories through movement creates an opportunity to connect on a visceral level and increase conversion.

3. Details make a difference.

We believe that authenticity is found in the details. Whether it is the shape of a hand or the focus of a gaze, no matter is too small or overlooked. We can bring perspective and a technical eye to all aspects of movement to ensure no intention is lost in the mix.

4. The means always matter.

We know for certain that treating everyone we encounter with respect, dignity, and kindness is the only way to operate.
Through our maintenance of a comfortable, collaborative, and appropriate atmosphere, both on set and off, we earn the trust of directors, talent, creatives, and clients.

5. We are not fixed in place.

We are curious and adaptable. We believe in flexibility, progress, and change.
As a collaborative team working across time zones, we are multi-hyphenate, multi-disciplinary, and multi-locational.